How does CFT help? 

Traumas accumulate and create tightness and toxicity in the craniosacral fascial system. Traumas can occur at birth, through sports injuries, from car accidents and falls. Dental work and vaccinations may cause strain to the system, as may emotional stress. When the craniosacral fascial system is compromised, critical brain motion is restricted causing myriad cognitive ailments, physical distress and mobility issues. 

Remember: The brain has to breathe and the fascia must be free. Our brains must expand and contract. 

CFT helps by loosening and opening the Craniosacral Fascial System to allow free flow of cerebrospinal fluid and optimal brain mobility. 


What can I expect from a CFT session?

At the beginning and end of each CFT session, your brain cycle will be assessed to understand the health of your craniosacral system. It is fascinating how the length and quality of your brain cycle relates to the improvement of conditions.

CFT techniques are designed to gently unwind and release accumulated fascial strain. The treatment consists of a gentle touch to release tightness and toxins. You lay on the table fully clothed. At times, you may feel some stretching or there may be a more active "unwind" motion.


Get started.


Kim treats newborns thru adults with a variety of issues.

Her practice is located in West Chester, PA, and several clients drive distances to work with Kim. She does her best to accommodate schedules.

New clients will schedule a 1-hour Initial Session. Make sure to complete
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Other modalities:

Kim integrates other healing modalities into her CFT practice depending on the needs and desires of the client. 


Cupping is an ancient alternative therapy used to enhance circulation, relieve pain, detoxify the body and calm the central nervous system.  It may also help with fevers, coughs, and asthma. Cups are placed and suctioned on parts of the body. They may be moved along the body during your session. The cups pull stagnant blood and fluid from the tissue bringing them to the surface to move through the bloodstream for processing. This allows new oxygenated blood to heal the area. Cupping may leave red or purple marks as a result of bringing local inflammation to an area to help healing, and the marks may last a few days. The cupping process is not painful. 

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Gua Sha

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Gua Sha uses a small instrument to strum the skin and treat areas of the body where injury or stagnation in circulation has caused pain, limited range of motion, and other ailments. It removes stagnation and increases surface microcirculation helping the body to heal by encouraging the body to pay attention to the injured area. 



Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years for health purposes. These are natural compounds found in various parts of plants that protect the plant and play a role in pollination. For humans, they have antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. They may serve as a natural alternative to medicine and without side effects. Essential oils can be used aromatically, applied to the skin, or taken internally if derived from a pure source.

Kim uses doTERRA products because they are a highly regarded source of pure and safe essential oils.  >> LEARN MORE

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