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Clients with a variety of issues --- concussions, headaches, migraines, earaches, tinnitus, anxiety, stress, mobility, asthma, breathing issues, infant sleep issues, colic, affects of birth trauma  --- talk about Kim's positive impact on their health and well-being with CFT.

I began my treatment with Kim on the recommendation that her therapy could help to relieve my constant sinus headaches. After 4 or 5 treatments, I have never suffered from another sinus headache. Two and one half years later, I continue with Craniosacral Fascial Therapy once a month and feel great. Thank you Kim!
— Diane, Media PA
Our son’s experience with CFT has been an “eye opening” experience literally as well as figuratively. He suffered from a concussion. When he first saw Kim, his eyes never appeared fully focused or straight. He suffered from poor memory, poor focus, fatigue and problems with coordination. I noticed after the first visit how focused and alert he was. I had to drive him to the appointment, however, he was able to drive home and even go out that evening. He has been steadily improving as he continues to see Kim. He is now able to drive and work part-time. There is no doubt in my mind that CFT therapy is working and has helped him tremendously. We recommend Kim to others all the time.
— Barbara and Jonathon, West Chester, PA
When I found Kim through a friend, I had no idea what to expect. I had tried so many other things for my daughter, Amelia (age 21 months), and nothing seemed to soothe her. She seemed constantly and consistently unhappy and uncomfortable. She had screaming episodes on a daily basis, refusing to be separated from me, to sleep, or to be on her own at all. I knew that something had to give. I had to find the root of her issue. When I brought Amelia to Kim, I was cautiously optimistic that she would be able to help her. After about 4 sessions, I began to see a change in Amelia. She was no longer plagued by the intense pain of her teething. She seemed more confident and was able to be on her own and not be constantly attached to me. She began talking more and made more attempts to communicate her needs. I can honestly say that through Kim’s therapy, Amelia has grown into the person that I knew she could be. I am forever grateful that I found her and will pay it forward by spreading the word about Kim and the gift she has given us.
— Erika Y
Our family has been seeing Kim for cranial sacral fascial treatments since July of 2012. Our oldest daughter was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in August of 2010 after being misdiagnosed with migraine headaches and allergies. Eventually, she was treated with long-term antibiotics and along with some dietary changes she improved significantly. However, frequent headaches and fatigue continued to interfere with her quality of life and were symptoms she couldn’t seem to shake. A soccer player, she had difficulty with stamina and would often get severe headaches after playing. She was due to go off to college and we were deeply concerned about sending her off to school trying to manage her symptoms on her own. A family friend was taking her son to Kim for CFT and recommended we contact Kim. I spoke with Kim and she felt she could help. Within 2-3 weeks our daughter was headache free and her energy levels were improving! It felt like a miracle. Now, almost a year later, our daughter has successfully completed her freshman year at college…healthy enough to play soccer and to live the life of a normal, active, burn the candle at both ends college student. In short, she has her life back. Kim’s treatment of our daughter has made all the difference. While she still gets the occasional headache, it is easily treated and goes away quickly. From a parent’s standpoint, I no longer worry about our daughter constantly and wonder how she is feeling. A weight has been lifted. It is wonderful to have this kind of drug free, non-invasive treatment available.
In addition, as we recognized the difference the therapy made in our oldest, we began taking our other 2 daughters who were experiencing irregular menstrual cycles. Once again, Kim’s treatment made a huge difference and very quickly their cycles began to become regular.
My family is living proof that CFT is effective. Kim is a caring professional and I highly recommend her ability to use CFT!
— Missy, Glenmoore, PA
Before I had CFT, I had been dealing with my concussion for about six months. I was still experiencing lots of headaches and drowsiness, some might describe it like “being in a fog”. I was not able to swim, no flip turns or diving, or play soccer. A close friend told me I should go to see Kim, and since I had this type of treatment for migraines when I was younger, I decided to give it a try. I learned when my session began that my brain cycle was a two! It’s supposed to be much higher. Kim worked her magic as soon as my session was complete, I sensed that the fog had lifted and I felt much more like my usual self. Kim got my brain cycle to 260! My mom and I both wish we had only done this sooner.
— Cera C.
I have been seeing Kim for about eight weeks for acid reflux, shoulder pain and a chronic sore heel. After five visits my symptoms have all subsided, but that is only half the story. I was a six to eight alcoholic beverage drinker per day, almost every day. Since Kim has been treating me, I no longer have the urge to drink at all! Thank you Kim, you have made a positive change for me in my life!
— Eric L, Downingtown
When my daughter was five years old, she was diagnosed with migraines. The migraines would come on fast and were triggered by many things. It was very difficult to manage them because they came on so quickly. She also suffered from what the doctors at Dupont called abdominal migraines, wrenching pains in her stomach. I had heard about Craniosacral Fascial Therapy when my daughter was approaching her teen years. After talking to Kim, she thought that she may be able to help and my daughter and I decided that it was worth a try. Kim met with my daughter once a week for about two months. During that time, my daughter was headache free, which in itself was a huge relief. Months turned into years. Now almost 18 years old, my daughter will tell you how thankful she is for what Kim did for her. I will always be grateful to Kim and as a matter of fact have been seeing Kim for my TMJ. I now know what my daughter meant when she would come home from a session with Kim and say how clear her head felt. In just a few sessions, I already feel relief. Thanks Kim.
— Cecilia, West Chester, PA
My daughter began seeing Kim Sherlock when she was 7 weeks old. My daughter had very bad colic, wasn’t sleeping and never seemed to be content unless she was constantly being carried or moved around. We would be happy if she slept for an hour straight and that was with two hours of rocking. My wife and I tried everything, and became extremely desperate when our doctors decided to try Zantac on her for her reflux, which they claimed was the cause of all of her distress. We both agreed that we didn’t want to put our 7 week old on such a harsh medicine. We were recommended Kim from my brother, who is studying homeopathic remedies in California. I was extremely skeptical, and thought my wife was throwing money down the drain when she told me that we were taking my daughter for craniosacral fascial therapy. Finally she convinced me to go and we have had a new child ever since.

Walking into Kim’s office, we noticed how calm and relaxing the environment was. Kim explained that my daughter needed to have more cerebral spinal fluid flowing in order to feel more content. I had never heard of this and again, growing up with traditional medicine my whole life was very skeptical. Kim began very gently working with my daughter, and before long had her sleeping in my wife’s arms. When she woke up my daughter was actually giggling for the first time as Kim continued to work on her. I was amazed beyond belief. That night she slept 5 hours straight, which was a new record for us.

We continued to see Kim for 4 other sessions. Our daughter is 12 weeks old now and a new child. She is more content than any other infant we have seen her age, she sleeps thru the night and loves to smile and play. We owe it all to Kim and the amazing work that she does. I am now a true believer in CFT and would highly recommend her. She is an amazing therapist and I thank her for everything she has done for my daughter.
— Brian, Kennett Square, PA
My daughter is a very active teenager who loves life. She suffered a concussion in the spring of 2013 which caused her to have a headache every day. The headaches ranged from mild to severe depending on her level of mental or physical activity that day. Her headaches were mild to moderate if she got ten hours of sleep that night, laid on the couch, and did not go to school or do any homework. She could not tolerate a full day of school. She did not want to fall behind in school so she went to school half-days (and came home with a headache). She could not do any type of physical activity at all; she was miserable and felt hopeless.

She had struggled with headaches for 6-weeks when a friend told us about Kim Sherlock. She told us how Kim helped her with her TMJ. She also told us how Kim helped another teenage girl that we know with her concussion symptoms. I looked at Kim’s website. I had never heard of Craniosacral Fascial Therapy. I was a very apprehensive about taking my daughter for a therapy treatment with which I was unfamiliar.

Some of my concerns were:
What is involved in the treatment?
What are the risks?
What will she be doing to my daughter?
What questions should I be asking?
What if I miss something? I don’t want to do something that would cause more damage.
Will this help my daughter?
How will I fit this into my schedule? I have to drive an hour and a half one way to the appointment.
How many sessions will it take to know if it is going to work?

I spoke to Kim about the therapy process. She explained that the process was very gentle and told me that I could be in the room the entire time during treatment. After speaking with Kim, I felt confident that the treatment would not harm or cause any further damage to my daughter. Because I would be present during the treatment, I knew that we could leave if I felt uncomfortable at any time. At this point, I was still skeptical if the therapy would help.

I presented this option to my daughter. Without hesitation, she wanted to try it. She was so frustrated that she was not getting better. She was doing everything that the doctors were telling her to do and she was not getting better. She wanted to try anything. I told her that it might not work, but I was willing to try it if she was. My daughter did not see any improvement after the initial visit. (She was not any worse either). I was still skeptical but agreed to go for another treatment. We saw Kim again four days later. Kim was very pleased with the progress. The day following this treatment was horrible. My daughter had a severe headache. She came home from school and slept most of the day. Kim warned us that the symptoms may get worse following a treatment. I was concerned and called Kim to find out how long this would last. Kim said that there should be some improvement by the following day if pain was due to the toxins leaving her body. I was worried.

My daughter woke up the next day SYMPTOM-FREE. She has now been symptom-free for 4-weeks. She was able to take her finals and resume her normal activity level. She is currently taking a college writing class. She is working, running, weight-lifting, speed training, and agility training. She attended an intense soccer camp over the weekend. (She said that this was the most intense workout weekend that she has ever done. She attended many soccer camps over the last five years). She had no concussion symptoms and remains SYMPTOM-FREE!

Thank you Kim for restoring my daughter’s quality of life!
— Deb, Elizabethtown, PA
Hi Kim,

Since I took Corban to see you and your team, he has been doing wonderful! His head has continued to change physical shape. It’s the best it has ever looked. He rolls over and moves all over the place now. He was very stiff before and not even close to rolling over. I can’t believe how much he moves his head now. Up and down and side to side very quickly. And he even looks behind him now. He didn’t do that before. My only complaint is that he changed so quickly that I didn’t have time to adjust to his moving all over the place so much! It’s been fun trying to keep up with him.

Thank you so much for coming out to Montana and for working with my little one. I don’t know how to thank you enough.

He’s a special little man. My husband and I tried to have a child of our own for 14 years. We tried ALL OF IT. Corban came to us in a very unique way, and has changed our lives completely. It’s made me realize just how much he continually gives to me and it feels really good when I can find ways to give back to him. Thank you for helping me to do that!
— Katrina, Hamilton, Montana
During her time as a student at ITMB Kim proved over and over again that she is caring and dedicated to helping others. She has helped numerous people in our student clinic. I have learned so much from Kim. One of the most profound benefits of CFT occurred after Kim performed CFT on my son Gerry. Gerry was born with a rare breathing disability called Congenital Central Hypo-ventilation Syndrome. The effects of CCHS require him to be ventilated by life support while sleeping. Gerry is 23. One morning, his sister and roommate found him with no heartbeat and blue. My daughter performed CPR. 911 had been called and he was transferred to the trauma unit still unresponsive and in a coma. Gerry did come out of his coma and back to us. The Doctors didn’t expect him to recover. However, he was weak, and had no appetite and wasn’t able to stay off his vent for any length of time. I was concerned that he may have to be ventilated 24 hours instead of just during sleep after this incident. I asked Kim if she would performed a CFT session, her immediate response was YES and that very day he improved. He had more energy and even ate a full meal and was able to stay off his ventilator until he went to bed that night. Kim worked on him a couple more times.

Kim also worked on my newborn Granddaughter, Sophia to help her release the trauma she experienced from birth and the fact that her mother was pregnant with her when she discovered her brother non responsive. CFT also helped after her baby immunizations. As you know Kim, my children and grandchild mean the world to me…THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART KIM!

— Deborah Finley, LMT, NCTMB, Director of Education ITMB
During a period of ongoing dental work I began experiencing a sensation of fullness in my ears which soon after was accompanied by tinnitus, earaches and hyperacusis (pain upon certain hearing certain frequencies of noise). Visits to doctors and ENTs provided no real or lasting relief. By 8:30 in the evening all I wanted to do was go to bed in order to rest and get some alleviation of my symptoms. This went on for a period of six months or so, and without any answers, over time I started feeling depressed.

While investigating online I came upon info on Craniosacral Therapy and symptoms of TMJ and Tinnitus/ ear pain etc. Reading further about CST, something clicked in my mind. I figured that I had nothing to lose by at least giving it a try and gave Kim a call.

On my first CST session my brain cycle was locked up completely on one side of my head and a 6 on the other. Even though I did not really understand completely what that meant, on some level it made complete sense to me. After that first session I left with a cycle of 60 and felt more relaxed and at peace than I had in a long time. Within a few sessions I was up to 160 and by my 6th session I was at 200. As my brain cycle improved and the tightness left my body so did my symptoms. My spirit came back and I began to feel like my old self again.

Kim is wonderful. Not only is she very professional in how she runs her business, she also is very passionate about what she does and has my highest recommendation.
— Sandra T. Otton
This is the second time I have wanted to thank Kim Sherlock, for her practice of cranialsacral fascial therapy.

I came to her for a variety of issues. Two were sinus congestion and asthma. I have suffered with them for 44 years. I have gone to allergists, take daily antihistamines, I have used rescue and steroid inhalers. I have been severely allergic to house dust among other allergens. After one visit, my sinuses cleared and they have remained so for the full year. Over the past year we have begun working on my asthma. Slowly, it has retreated to just my left lung. On that side, while it has not gone completely, it is greatly improved. Now I can clean dust I have avoided before for fear of getting sick. Now, I never worry anymore, and I even clean the rug under my bed, never worrying about the dust accumulation!

For much of my life, I have struggled with mild depression, but with this therapy, I find former “triggers” now often produce new uplifting thoughts that are delightfully amazing! Part way through the year, the “Commonwealth Pipeline” announced that it planned to run an industrial transmission gas pipeline a few feet away from our house. For most people this would have been very stressful. However, when I was twenty, I witnessed the explosion of a hot water heater fired with propane gas. The explosion killed my father. I have been haunted with images of the explosions following these pipelines. Stress didn’t express the level of my feelings, terror was closer to the mark. Kim has helped me be calm, with restful nights throughout this ordeal.

What can I say, other than that I am so lucky to have her help!
— Martha McIlvain Edwards, Glenmoore, PA
I have suffered from cluster migraines since childhood. There is no cure nor can I ever figure out what triggers them. When they strike, they are debilitating. A few months back, I started with an episode that just would not quit, waking every morning with severe headaches continuing on and off throughout the day, every day. This continued for over a month with no relief in site. I was living on Advil. As a mother of 4 with a demanding job, life became very difficult. I had been down this road many times before. I knew that it would eventually go away, but that the next step would be to start migraine medication, with side effects and no guarantees. After talking with Kim at a local health fair, I decided to give Craniosacral Therapy a try. The sessions were very relaxing. After two weeks, the headaches were gone. I also surprisingly began to sleep much better than I had in a long time. The waking at 4 am which became a regular occurrence over the past year or so, became an occasional thing. It almost seemed as though as my brain cycle increased, my sleep patterns improved. My energy level increased and I began to work out regularly again. I am now back to normal and feeling great. I will now be checking in with Kim to maintain my brain cycle.
— Bev, West Chester, PA
I started therapy with Kim because of severe back spasms and fibromyalgia. In about 8 sessions Kim took me from a brain cycle of less than 20 to 250 which I am maintaining. Not only did my back spasms subside, I have more energy and a sharper mind. I have an additional benefit. For years I went from doctor to doctor to find a cure for my nighttime head congestion. My congestion has almost cleared and I sleep more soundly and quietly. I don’t need to go for the sleep apnea study that I was scheduled for. I am very grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with Kim as she has helped me immeasurably with problems that have plagued me for years. I will continue to see Kim for maintenance every few months.
— Nancy A., West Chester, PA
I started to see Kim, after a visit to ER for a migraine headache. I’ve suffered from these headaches my whole life, but over that time frame, the headaches had become more frequent and taking days to go away, but I never needed to go to the ER. Upon a reference, I started to see Kim. Having several visits over the next 3 months, gradually I started to see her once a month. My improvement in how I was feeling every month was better and better. It is now a year later, and my headaches have been very infrequent and I have been feeling great.
— Nancy H, Lancaster, PA
Dear Kim,
I can’t even begin to put in words how my life has changed after allowing you to show me the benefits of your Craniosacral Fascial Therapy. I have long been suffering from constant headaches and migraines. Recently they were so bad and consistent, every day for weeks on end, that I went to an Ears Nose and Throat specialist and a Neurologist to find relief. No explanation was found to what was causing them and there was nothing to do. I called you as my last chance and felt instant relief after the first session with you. The headaches were less frequent and after the 4th treatment I have been headache free for a month and a half. I will continue to use you when needed because of the amazing results. Anybody suffering is missing the boat by not calling Kim because she will change your life, I’m living proof.
— Craig F. Soens, Avalon, NJ
Before I started CranioSacral Fascial Therapy (CFT) with Kim, I had spent about a decade with, on average, 4 debilitating Migraines a month. These were not mild migraines and there were numerous expensive trips to the ER and the ever present bottles of medications and their less than desirable side effects. I consulted multiple neurologists locally and even headed into the city for an examination at a reputable headache center to no avail. At that point, I had begun to assume that my migraines were an inescapable affliction.
Miraculously, in late June ‘11, my mother mentioned to me that that my 9 year old niece was undergoing CFT with Kim and her Migraine’s had shown drastic improvement. I immediately made an appointment and the rest is history. Today is October 25th, 2011 and I’ve been migraine free since July and migraine related medication free almost as long. This represents the longest period of time I’ve gone without a migraine in my adult life. Kim is professional, compassionate and a natural healer. I’m eternally grateful.
— Matt Cordes
My 15 year old daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis in her upper spine. This eventually impeded the use of her shoulder and she had to sit out for most of the winter swim season. After numerous physical therapy sessions, she visited Kim only 2 times. Not only has her shoulder improved, but during her last physical, our Pediatrician was amazed at the improvement in her spine which was clearly visible to even my naked eye. In addition to the obvious physical benefits from craniosacral therapy, my daughter commented that after her sessions with Kim, she felt much clearer in her head.
— Chris, West Chester, PA
I started taking my 8 year old daughter to Kim for help with migraines. My daughter had been experiencing them since the age of 4. When she would get a migraine she would get physically ill then would have to take adult pain relievers and have to sleep for hours in order to find relief. Over the last year, before seeing Kim, my daughter’s migraines became more frequent (up to two times a week) and started interfering with her after school activities and our weekends. After a few weeks of seeing Kim, her migraines have gotten less frequent, less intense, and it has currently been over a month without a migraine! I will continue to take my daughter to Kim for maintenance.
— Jennifer L., West Chester, PA
I have suffered headaches and migraines off and on throughout my life. I had the occasional headache in middle school, but after receiving my first two concussions in high school, the headaches became more and more frequent. I noticed that my memory had declined significantly, and my sleeping habits got worse. In October 2015, I received my third concussion, but this one was the worst. After spending a few hours in the hospital, I was told I didn’t have a concussion, given a tylenol, and told to go home and to class the next day. However, I couldn’t make it through my class without leaving to go to a dark room. The pain and the light was unbearable! I missed a week of college because of the intensity and consistency of the migraines.

Literally nothing worked: I tried pain medications, sleeping off the migraines, dropping a course to make it easier to finish my semester, and, eventually, taking an incomplete.

In December 2015, I received my fourth concussion. That month, I went to see Kim. I was referred to Kim by my boss at school. She said her daughter had suffered several concussions and nothing worked but going to see Kim. Wow she was right! The next day after visiting Kim, I had a horrible headache, but it was completely gone the day after that. I didn’t have another bad headache for about a month after I saw Kim.

I see her every so often for touch ups, but if I hadn’t gone to Kim, I probably wouldn’t have been able to finish the semester and stay in school. Thank you Kim!!!
— Molly L.
I had suffered from migraines for years, and finally had to be medicated in 2007 after the birth of my daughter. While the medication helped control my migraines, limiting them to 5-6 per month, it also completely zapped my energy and slowed my metabolism. I had tried several times to wean myself down to a lower dose of the medication, but each time I got to a lower dose, my breakthrough migraines became much more frequent, intense and more difficult to get rid of.

After seeing my neurologist in spring 2011 and getting another prescription to try a new medication, I decided to finally listen to a friend and give Craniosacral therapy a try before I filled the new prescription. After just 5 sessions with Kim, I am on the lowest possible dose of my meds (I need to stay on a low dose of the medication for cardiac purposes), and I have 1, MAYBE 2 headaches a month now and they are easily cured with 1 dose of pain medication (I would need at least 4 doses before to get rid of them). I honestly cannot believe the difference in how much better I feel. Since I am able to be on the lowest dose of medicine, my energy is back and I am not out of commission at least once a week with a migraine any more. As an extra, unexpected bonus, this therapy also cured a chronic abdominal muscular issue I had had since pregnancy that prevented me from doing any kind of abdominal exercises. My doctors had informed me that the pain would most likely not go away without surgery to have my muscles repaired. Since completing my sessions with Kim, I am FINALLY able to do a full ab workout without suffering for days after. My son described Kim’s abilities as being “magic” - and I for one am a firm believer that he is right!!
— Gretchen